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de la Rosa Web Design is a U.S. based owned and operated web design and graphic company. When working with us you will never have to fear when you call, about getting routed to a foreign outsourced call center. We are firm believers in helping other local businesses grow and fully support our local community.

We always put the focus on you our client and never promote products and services to benefit us but rather only offer what will benefit you and your organization on the path to success. Why you may ask? We genuinely care about you and your organization. We really enjoy helping others and find that when we give it our all in the best interest of our clients we then benefit with more clients that were sent our way from those we’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Our Core Values

Below is a list of our six core values. These are what de la Rosa Web Design lives for and truly embodies our company culture.

Imagination Realization: We use our creativity, outside of the box thinking, passion and skill with each project we work on to successfully differentiate each of our clients from their competitors.

Unique To You: One of the things that make us successful is we listen and understand our clients’ needs, ideas, and requirements. This enables us to create amazing and effective projects that are custom tailored to you our client.

Transparent Truth: When people are dishonest basically they add color to truths making them untruths. Normally, we’re a big fan of color, when used in design but when it comes to truth we will always go with full transparency. We are big believers how you treat others will always come back to you, so we do our best to treat our clients with the upmost respect and loyalty in everything we do which then results in building strong relationships.

Quickly Reliable: We are friendly and respectful to all of our clients. With that in mind we always deliver what was agreed to, meet deadlines given and communicate proactively giving you our client peace of mind.

Red Carpet Service: We strive to go beyond our client’s expectations with our projects. To do this we are constantly learning, growing and challenging ourselves to stay ahead of the game. We care about you and your organization and will always go above and beyond to make sure your best interest are put first, because we not only consider you our VIP client but a part of our family as well.

More Bling For Less Ka-ching: We value our money and don’t spend it frivolously and we know you don’t either. That being said we are aware of our competitors that outsource $20 designs and cookie cutter templates, however they come nowhere near to the level of service we provide. That’s why in every phase of working on your project from the very first meeting to the ongoing support after launch you will feel like you are our top priority. We always stay within your budget and are completely transparent in our costs of services never tacking on hidden fees. We have a passion for the work we do and believe it shows through our completed project and that is something a cheap template just can’t do.

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Melisa de la Rosa Owner, Web designer/developer

Melisa has extensive training in web design, and fine arts. She holds an AAS in Computer Technology as well as a Certificate of Completion in Web Design: User Interface and Certificate of Completion in Computer Usage and Applications. She graduated from Arizona State University attaining a B.AS in Internet and Web Development.

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Pedro de la Rosa Owner, Coder

Pedro has a Bachelors degree from Arizona State in Production Technology and a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix. In addition to this he has taught himself HTML, Excel, Access, SQL and is currently learning to code for IOS (iPhone) and OSX (Mac) apps. He has managed intranet web pages for over 3 years at Intel. He also has over 10 yrs experience creating and designing forms, templates, job aids, presentations and statistical reports for companies including Intel, Dishnetwork and Humana, where he currently works as an Information Specialist.

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